Learn, step-by-step:

How to turn on the radio and play songs using the chord patterns I show you.

How to play freely what you feel, mastering the sounds of major, minor, dominant, diminished, and extended chords.

How to recognize various chords in several chord progressions by ear.

How to listen for the right chords and movements in uptempo songs.

How to improvise on the spot while playing your favorite songs.

The secrets to finding the key center of a song without playing more than a few notes.

The secrets to recognizing chord changes in most songs without even being at the piano!

How to play several songs (and hymns) in all 12 major keys!

The unique relationship between chords and scales and how one creates the other.

How to alter chords to make them sound full and "phat!"

The power of inversions and how to instantly change any chord to give you the sound you want.

Several progressions such as "2-5-1" and the "1-4 turn-around" (you'll see these chord changes everywhere!)

How to substitute common progressions in the place of "dull" chords to instantly makeover your songs.

How to recognize erroneous and "bad" chords in a progression and replace them immediately.

The difference between: triads, sevenths, ninths, elevenths, and thirteenths chords and when to use them appropriately.

Several chord patterns which can be used in most gospel, blues & contemporary jazz music (they all share the same chords ... believe me!)

How to find the "tonic" of any song or progression (in other words, "what key a song or chord progression is being played in").

The basic principles of sight reading (bonus material just for the heck of it!)

You think this is it? Think again ... the list goes on ... Click here for even more details.