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Hi friend,

Welcome to your fifth "tip" with! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's "blues-y" tip!

I was just wandering if you qualified for yesterday's special offer? My reason for asking is because I've decided to extend this offer for 24 more hours. To take advantage of this offer immediately, visit:

... or call 1-877-856-4187 and tell them that you heard of the "1 day special extension."

Well, let's get to work! Today's tip is a "bass run" for use in gospel (or jazz) music:


#5 of 13

Today's "bass run" could actually be played on the bottom of yesterday's "fill-in." You'd have to try them out together to see if it works for you, ok?

Shouting / Jubilant Bass Run in Ab Major (again):

Note: Each note below must be played separately and in a rhythmical pattern (kind of like the "Make you wanna shout" laundry detergent jingle ... you've heard it haven't you?)

Ab -- C -- Db -- D -- Eb -- F -- Gb -- G -- Ab

Notice that the bass run above is just a cycle and can be played over and over again. This is the way I like to do it:

a) I play the "Ab" first

b) Then on the "C" right after it, I play that "C" lower than the Ab (not higher).

c) After the "C", I just work my way back up to the Ab

d) So essentially, the "Ab" is the highest note because I drop down to the "C" and continue every note from there.

e) After you get back to the "Ab", then continue the pattern back to "C." This is common in gospel music more than any other style.

f) The faster you play it, the better it will sound!

Does this make sense?

Why don't you try it and e-mail me if you have any problems, ok?

Bye for now,

Jermaine Griggs
Founder of

P.S. - Call us for more gospel basslines and fill-ins!


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