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Hi friend,

Hello, this is Jermaine again, the Founder of I would just like to personally welcome you to my 13-day "Chord / Progression of the Day" series and congratulate you on your decision to study various chords and how they are formed!

Listen ... what I am about to show you will literally change your thinking of "chords" forever! ... and with nearly 2-weeks ahead of us, we've got lots of studying to do!

I would also like to point out that I try my best to provide some of the most useful information from my 300-pg course ( However, if you feel that you need additional exercises to supplement the online lessons that I provide to you, feel free to read about my new 300-pg "The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" course ( as it includes 20 chapters of insider secrets, techniques, principles, concepts, and tips to playing the piano by ear.

Does that sound like a good deal to you? So don't forget, if you feel the need to study the daily topics "even further", please visit:

Meanwhile, today's tip is a chord progression:


#1 of 13

"The Famous 2-5-1 Chord Progression"

a) Dmin9 Chord (pronounced "D minor ninth chord")

Bass = D

Right hand = F + A + C + E

b) G13 chord (pronounced "G thirteenth chord")

Bass = G

Right hand = F + A + C + E

Note: This is the same chord above but since the bass is different, the chord is titled "G13" instead of "Dmin9."

c) Cmaj9 chord (pronounced "C major ninth chord")

Bass = C

Right hand = E + G + B + D

Now, play each chord consecutively (right after the other)...

Dmin9 --> G13 --> Cmaj9

*** This type of progression is commonly heard in jazz and worship music! I hope you enjoyed ... see you tomorrow!

Thanks for your time,

Jermaine Griggs
Founder of

P.S. - This chord progression and a lot more is covered in my 300-pg course. Call for more information!


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