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Note: Recorded in 2009

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Here's some information on the 12-disc package...
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Every DVD covers one element of the formula:

Fundamental Factory is where you master the “FUNDAMENTAL FLUENCY” strategies discussed earlier. It’s going to take you through literally everything you need to know to build a solid foundation as a gospel musician.

After this DVD, you’ll have that rock solid base upon which everything else will be built.


Not you.

Chord County is where you master the “CHORDAL COMMAND” techniques and principles we talked about.

You’re going to learn EVERY CHORD used in gospel music. All of them. If it’s common and used in gospel music, it’s in this course.

The best part is that you’re going to learn all the shortcuts. You got to see a glimpse of how all chords are related. Chord County will delve into each one, step by step.

Pattern Paradise is where you master the “PATTERN PROFICIENCY” concepts from above.

Imagine a DVD dedicated just to patterns. How they’re formed. How they work. Where to find them. How to use them, step by step.

And if you’ve gotten ONE thing out of this free report, it should be that: SONGS ARE FULL OF REPEATED, PREDICTABLE PATTERNS THAT OCCUR OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Pattern Paradise will make this plain with tons of real-life examples, demonstrations, and illustrations.

Song Station is where you master the “SONG SOLIDITY” strategies we explored... plus lots more.

Just imagine a song being taught to you from the TOTAL BEGINNING. I mean the TOTAL BEGINNING.

And by the end of the song, after applying everything you’ve learned, you have a beautiful masterpiece with advanced chords and movements that you’ve built up over time.

That’s the beauty of ‘Song Station’ and by the end of this DVD alone, you’ll be transforming a basic hymn that you learn from ‘ground zero’ into an advanced contemporary piece of art.

Ear Elevator covers the “EAR EFFICIENCY” methods and concepts we delved into towards the end of this report.  

This will bring everything together by detailing how to use your ear to not only determine how songs are arranged and where they’re going, but to create your own renditions and routes ON THE SPOT.

It basically shows you how to take full advantage of your ear and how to use what you know to NEVER play the same thing, the same way... TWICE! (Playing by ear is about having freedom... you don’t have to play your songs the same way every time.)

Whewww! There you have it...

And that’s just the DVDs 

You also get audio cd companions, bonus dvd footage, and more. This package is loaded with everything you need to become a TRANSFORMED MUSICIAN.

That’s why we call it MUSICIAN TRANSFORMATION.