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Beginner's Series | Music Theory Series | Chord Series | Chord Progression Series | Gospel Series | Gospel Midi Series | BONUS: More Lessons

Beginner's Lessons

Learning the notes of the piano

Whole & Half Step Interval

Sharps & Flats

The Basics of Sight Reading

The Basics of Rhythm and Note Values

Conclusion of Beginner's Series



Music Theory Lessons

The Key to Learning Major Scales

Fingerings for Major Scales

Modes of the Scale

Learning to Play Natural Minor Scales

Scale Degree Names

Learning to Play the Blues Scale

Conclusion of Music Theory Series


Chord Lessons

Perfect and Major Intervals

Minor, Augmented and Diminished Intervals

How to form Major Chords

How to form Minor Chords

How to form Diminished and Augmented Chords

How to form Major Seventh Chords

How to form Minor Seventh Chords

How to form Dominant Seventh Chords

How to form Major, Minor and Dominant Ninth Chords

How to form Major, Minor and Dominant Eleventh Chords

How to form Major, Minor and Dominant Thirteenth Chords

The Secrets to Altering Chords

Conclusion of Chord Series



Gospel Midi Files

"Bless that Wonderful Name of Jesus"

"Anyway You Bless Me"

"Bless the Lord"

"Blessed Assurance"

"Center of My Joy"

"For Every Mountain"

"Hallelujah, We Worship Your Holy Name"

"I Love You Lord"

"I Won't Complain"

"Lord, I'm Available to You"

"I'm a Soldier"

"Praise Him"

"Total Praise"


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Beginner Piano Lessons
Music Theory Piano Lessons
Piano Chords and Progressions

Major Scales Piano Lessons 1 Major Scales Music Theory The Famous "2-5-1" Chord Progression
Major Scales Piano Lessons 2 Minor Scales / Blues Scale Theory The Minor Ninth Chord -- Piano Lessons
Major Chords Piano Lessons 1 Whole Steps, Half Steps & Intervals The Major Ninth Chord -- Piano Lessons
Major Chords Piano Lessons 2 Major Chords & Minor Chords The "Shouting Chord" -- Gospel Piano
Piano Chord Inversions Gospel Bass Runs -- Gospel Piano Lessons
GospelKeysTM Video Courses Piano Seventh Chords The Minor Eleventh Chord -- Piano Lessons
101: Basics and Fundamentals Blues Piano Chord Progression Altered Chord Example -- Piano Lessons
300: Praise Songs Piano Scales & Piano Chords Playing Scales with Major Seventh Chords
  Piano and Keyboard Ear-Training The Thirteenth Chord -- Piano Lessons
Reference Guides and Courses Playing in Every Major Piano Key The Dominant Ninth Chord -- Piano Lessons
The Secrets to Playing Piano by Ear Common Musician Questions P1 Altered Chord Progression Example 1
  Common Musician Questions P2 The Minor Seventh Chord - Piano Lessons
Sign up for more lessons! Click here "4 Steps to Playing Most Songs" Altered Chord Progression Example 2
2004 Newsletter Archives! Click here   "How to Harmonize Melodies" Piano Lesson
Archived E-mail Database! Click here   "2-5-1" Chord Progression Variations
    "1-4" Chord Progressions - Piano Lessons
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Fancy Chord Progressions - Piano Lessons

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Step One: If your goal is to learn how to play any song by ear, you must first learn how to determine the melody in a song. Once you've mastered this technique, you can move on to the next piano lesson...

For free piano lessons on how to determine melodies, click here

Step Two: After you determine the melody, you must harmonize it! Most people think that this is difficult - BUT this is not hard at all ... because we show you easy steps to harmonizing any melody in our piano lessons!

If you need free help with turning your one-fingered melodies into chords, click here to read this piano lesson

Step Three & Four: After adding chords to your melody, it is now time to alter certain chords to produce the sound that you want. With certain techniques, this is a very simple piano technique!

If you are serious about learning the 4-step process to playing virtually any song by ear on the piano, click here to read this piano article


All lessons are taken from our 300-pg workbook entitled, "The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear." For more information on how to obtain this course, visit: https://www.hearandplay.com/course

"The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" 300pg Course - Learn the secrets to playing literally any song on the piano with a few simple, "easy-to-understand" techniques and principles! Join Jermaine Griggs in learning tons of music theory, concepts, and tricks that will help you to learn piano by ear! Thousands of musicians have already taken advantage of this excellent program ... why not you?

"The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" is full of easy-to-understand tricks, tips, techniques and secrets to playing piano by ear! For this month only, I've also been able to throw in a few bonus items (3 additional piano software programs). Click here to learn the secrets to playing absolutely any song on the piano in virtually minutes! You won't regret it!


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