• A Lesson On The Classification Of Scales

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    We’re exploring the classification of scales according to culture area, usage, note aggregate, etc., in this lesson.

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    The easiest way to remember minor scales!

    This post is going to be short because the concept is so simple… if you know your major scales!

    Basically, every major scale comes with a paired minor scale. We call that the “relative minor” of whatever major key you’re in. How do you know where to find it? It’s simple…

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    “Minor and Blues Scales” Crash Course

    As we’ve learned in other posts… Scales are important! If you know your scales, playing chords will be very very easy to do! The Minor Scale If you remember, the major scale pattern is: W-W-H-W-W-W-H Now, to add another “scale” to your musical toolbox, the minor scale pattern is simply: W – H – W […]

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    Learning to play natural minor scales

    The "Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" course covers everything from the basics and fundamentals to Cmin13 (b9b5) chords. The following lesson focuses on chapter seven from the course. If you are already familiar with how to play natural minor scales, you may skip this lesson.   Learning to play natural minor scales (04) Note: […]

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