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    You on this page because you want to know how to spin the audition process to favor you.

    As soon as you walk into that room, and see a couple pair of eyes staring at you, everything changes. Sometimes, you might forget everything, and begin to shake uncontrollably. If you have been on a couple of contests, you will realize that there is this sickening feeling of uncertainty that creeps in every time.

    Sometimes, you wonder if some people are excluded from this experience. Have you tried asking? What was their response? Now, you know that it is a normal experience for everybody. It is just the activity of hormones in your body responding to an unusual excitement incited by unusual brain activity.

    Yes, the activity in the brain is unusual because it is not every day that you appear before people who are paid to find faults in your singing.You are here now, and everything you do is on record. Every move you make counts. Your performance may be aired for the whole world to see and praise, or scorn.

    So, if I were you, I will make the most of it. “Just how do I achieve the best?” you may ask.

    Let me respond with the following tips…

    Tips To Making The Audition Process To Favor You

    • Smile
    • Be courteous
    • Be confident not arrogant
    • Be yourself
    • Have fun
    • Express the song from your heart
    • Articulate the lyrics well
    • Be open to feedback
    • Be resilient


    As you enter that room, let that smile bring out your beauty and radiance. The judge(s) may not respond, but be sure that it will make an indelible impression. You look your best when you smile, and for an audition, you need to put your best foot forward.

    All your cards may need to be on the table. Smile, you must!

    Be Courteous:

    Please, do not go smiling all the way. It might make you look foolish. Just before they have the time to adjust to your ravishing smile, hit them with a cordial pleasantry. Always greet the judges, with a pleasant facial expression of course.

    It doesn’t matter if you have been waiting for 50 hours, do not let it show. Sometimes, the ability to look refreshed in spite of the stress of waiting to be called in could be a point in the scoring criteria, and there, even without singing a note, you are already scoring points.

    Be Confident Not Arrogant:

    There is a world of difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is a product of preparedness while the latter is a character flaw. Watch it because nothing is worse than coming across as cocky and boastful.

    Similarly, make sure you show that you are not afraid, and are capable of performing on stage and before a large audience.

    Be Yourself:

    At the end of the day, you can never be at your best except you are being yourself. When you play to your strengths, you make the most outstanding impression. Being yourself implies owning your flaws. You are a work in progress, so always take responsibility for any inconsistency.

    It is always a beauty to behold an original.

    Have Fun:

    This helps to ease off that fearful feeling that accompanies contests. You have a higher chance of getting the part if you enjoy what you are doing. The judges will always score you better if they had fun, as mirrored by your performance, so make sure you enjoy the experience. Have fun, and live in the moment.

    Express The Song From Your Heart:

    Having carefully practiced and rehearsed a list of songs that tug at heart, I am sure you can’t wait to let it out, so go ahead, bring it all to the table.Pick a song to show the judges all your abilities, a song that paints the color of your voice clearly.

    Pick a song that can show the elasticity of your vocal range, expand and contract that range as much as possible, and apply the right vocal dynamics deliberately.Enjoy the performance, and make the music come alive, by immersing yourself in the song.

    Make an effort to give it your best, outdo your previous performance. Keep that mental image of your best performance from your rehearsals, and make it real.Remember to use the right facial expression while you sing – show them that you love singing – this will help brighten/darken your tone as well.

    Sing from your heart, be expressive vocally.

    Articulate The Lyrics Well:

    Your vocal prowess can be marred by poor diction, so make sure that your words are properly articulated. The main spice of the song is in the words. Be careful so that the message in the song is not lost.

    You may be lucky if you are performing a popular song that the Judges know, but what if you aren’t so lucky.

    You could be doing an unpopular song or even an original. Please articulate the lyrics well or else, you will not be so convincing.

    Be Open To Feedback:

    Effective communication is very important, so maintain eye contact and respond accordingly to audible and inaudible cues from your judges. Watch it. Don’t get pissed at the judges, for any reason, at any time during the audition because it may be a test.

    You may even be interrupted before the end of your song for whatever reason. Use a positive response to score more points for yourself. When that happens, you could hear alarm bells in your head signaling ‘danger alert,’ but you can spin it around to your favor.

    Smiling gently,take in any constructive criticism, nodding to show you are listening.

    Be Resilient:

    You could push to perform another song. Don’t just give up if the judges are dissatisfied, but if do not get the part after you’ve done all you know, then you need to be able to accept failure sometimes, if you want success.

    Be open-minded, and know that this is an experience, so take in all constructive criticism. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the part. Learn to try again, it gets better.

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