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    If you want to discover the secret code to increasing and maximizing your vocal range, then this lesson is for you.

    When I hear singers complain that they cannot hit high notes – and you often see them strain to attain higher pitches, what they should rather worry about should be how to extend their range by maximizing the usage of their current range.

    They should be making sure that they can conveniently sing every note within their range with credibility and precision, and when they achieve that, they should work on strengthening the tone with regular practice. There is a secret to increasing and maximizing your vocal range. It is a process.

    It does not happen by chance, or by ingesting a prescribed diet, taking throat lozenges, skipping certain essential nutritious content, burning your vocal tract with hot water, drinking an herbal or medical formula, and worse starving yourself, in the name of clearing your voice.

    Increasing and maximizing your vocal range is at the core of professional singing because that is where singing at ease, singing on all keys, singing with breath control, proper projection of the voice, and everything in between, intersects.

    Having established the facts above, I believe you are now prepared to learn the code.

    “What Is A Code?”

    The Cambridge English Dictionary defines code as a ‘system of words, letters, or signs, used to represent a message in secret form.’

    Did you observe from the definition above that code is synonymous with secret? Bringing it home, I want you to know that how to increase and maximize your vocal range is not public knowledge, otherwise everyone would possess this skill like mobile phones.

    Unfortunately, it is even more difficult to decode the information you are about to receive, due to the misconceptions, myth and belief systems, and popular opinion that is passed from generation to generation.

    At this juncture, permit me to puncture the following misleading information on the subject matter:

    Tea and honey will sooth your Vocal Cords: This is not true because whatever you eat does not touch your vocal cords because there is another channel that carries food. Besides, science has proven that anything you drink or eat, does not touch the vocal cords.

    Only a certain group of singers can hit high notes: The belief is that if you are not a female melody singer, or a certain group of male singers with the natural ability to hit high notes, you are wasting your time – there is even a classification of voice type that is responsible for minimum vocal usage in this age, I will get into that later.

    Everyone has the potential to hit high notes. The only difference is some people can do so naturally. For the rest, it is difficult to hit high notes, especially when they shout. So, if you have that problem, don’t worry.

    Just start soft, as long as you are hitting the right note, no matter how faint it sounds, you will soon discover how to make that faint sound stronger and very credible.

    There is a natural range that cannot be extended: This is another myth that has kept singers stuck in a box for too long. If you want to validate this assertion, you will realize that it is like an excuse to remain overweight.

    More so, it is like saying you will remain as tall as you were when you were born. Now, we know that nutrition is necessary for growth, and it applies to extending our vocal range. Follow me as I reveal the secret to you.

    The Secret Code To Increasing And Maximizing Your Vocal Range

    The secret code to increasing and maximizing your vocal range can be summarized in three phases:

    • Eliminate the mental barrier
    • Cultivate a healthy lifestyle
    • Follow the process

    I know it is too much to take in at once, so I am going to take some time and explain what that means.

    Eliminate The Mental Barrier

    There exists a lot of chaos in the mind of a budding singer who wants to excel, as a result of accumulating information from different sources. Some of this information could be helpful while others could be erroneous, and the effect is conflict.

    You need to rid yourself of the junk first before you can access the voice of reason. Do you realize that most of the information you get seem to create obstacles rather than pave the way? You hear lessons on how to curtail your diet, avoid this, avoid that, and how far has that got you?

    Do you think the greatest vocalists of all time had to go through that? Do your research, make your enquiries, and you will realize that the people putting you through all these, are either experimenting with you or worse still, prescribing a wrong formula for you.

    Let it go. Experience the freedom that comes from knowing that nothing has got you bound. When you do this, I promise you, you will breathe freely, and that my friend, is a step towards achieving the vocal prowess you so desire.

    Cultivate A Healthy Lifestyle

    As we continue, you will realize that to be great at singing, you need your entire body to be in sync. What a healthy lifestyle entails are good nutrition, freedom for diseases, good self-esteem, and a healthy mind.

    To achieve this, you need to make yourself happy, stay inspired, connect with like minds, eat good food without fear of what you should avoid especially if you don’t have allergies, exercise habitually, listen to good music (trust me, this can eliminate emotional junk from your system), dress confidently, and have fun when you can.

    Are you wondering whether we are still talking about vocal range? Yes, we are. Living a healthy lifestyle will set a good foundation for you to maintain the process I will outline below.

    Follow The Process

    Singers, quit looking for a quick fix. Learn to apply a procedural approach to acquiring a skill so that you can sustain it and pass it on. There is a process to increasing and maximizing your range. It begins with practice, and then rehearsals, then setting daily, weekly, monthly, and annual targets that you can gradually and consistently strive to meet.

    Here is a brief template plan for a vocalist, that can ensure a one-octave-range increment, and with consistency, vocal range maximization.

    Duration Beginner Intermediate Pre-advanced Professional
    Daily Practice 20 minutes 60 minutes 2-3hours 5 hours and above
    Weekly rehearsal once twice 4 times 5 times and above
    Monthly training once twice 4 times 8 times and above
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    Hello, I'm Chuku Onyemachi (aka - "Dr. Pokey") - a musicologist, pianist, author, clinician and Nigerian. Inspired by my role model Jermaine Griggs, I started teaching musicians in my neighborhood in April 2005. Today, I'm privileged to work as a music consultant and content creator with HearandPlay Music Group sharing my wealth of knowledge with thousands of musicians across the world.


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