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    If you want to know how to defeat mediocrity by scoring your singing goals, then this lesson is for you.

    You cannot afford to be below average, you cannot afford to join the masses where anything goes, you can’t afford to waste your precious life. If you really want to sing, then you have got to mean business, you need to be serious, you have to decide to deal with mediocrity and discard it forever.

    How Can You Attain Your Singing Goals

    Set Goals

    Each time you score a goal, you feel that sense of fulfillment, you feel that victory, you will feel that ascension like you literally grew taller. What kind of goals have you set to yourself?

    Let me give you a tip. You should have daily goals to achieve, you should practice, at least do something new every day, and you should keep a repertoire of how many songs you know properly. Of course, you should build a fan base and release your work – your original work, so that your fans can have a feel of you.

    Rehearsals Before Performance

    Once a week, or twice a month, should be set aside for rehearsals in preparation for performances. Don’t wait for performances to come along before you rehearse, and make sure you give every chance you get to perform your very best. That is how you gain confidence and gradually deal with mediocrity.

    How To Defeat Mediocrity

    Daily Practice

    Let’s begin with daily practice, make it a habit to practice every day at a particular time.

    “What Is Practice?”

    Practice is learning something new, trying to acquire a new skill. Practice time is not the time to enjoy yourself, or listen to music just for fun.

    It’s the time for you to listen to something new, try to study something new. You have to do that daily, let that be a goal for you, and each day you keep doing that, you feel a sense of fulfillment, and you feel like you have achieved something good for yourself. It makes you proud of yourself.

    Keep A Repertoire

    A repertoire is a list of songs you have scored properly. You should score an artiste’s entire album from cover to cover, so that if you check their repertoire, you see a list of albums you have scored.

    I don’t see how you grow by listening to songs, and not taking the time to score them properly, not even remembering the lyrics. So, if you want to kill mediocrity, if you want to defeat mediocrity, start by scoring songs properly, and score lots of them, score as much as possible. Do not stop. Continue to score songs, and continue to learn new songs.

    Building A Fan Base

    Another goal you could set for yourself is building a fan base. You need to have people that cheer you on, you need to have a relationship with people that believe in you, and you need to build that crowd, grow it.

    Social media makes it very easy these days, but beyond social media, make an effort to look around you. The people that you interact with every day, your friends, and your clique. Have that consciousness to win them over, and let them be your fans. You know something your fans want? They want a feel of you.

    That is why you need to release your work, you need to release your record, so that goes to say that you must write your own songs. If you cannot write a song, it is okay. Consult a song writer, but at least, have an idea of the message you want to pass across.

    Then proceed to the studio, record your work, share it with your fans. At first, you might want to give it to them for free, or you could sell, but there must be something that your fans can play to keep up with the following, otherwise you will lose them.

    Rehearsals For Performances

    Just recording in the studio and having people listen to you is not enough. If you are good enough, they will want to see you live. You don’t wait until you have a performance before you rehearse.

    You should set aside a day or two within the week, to rehearse what you had already practiced. What you do during rehearsals is deciding on arrangements and mimicking the performance- dress rehearsal.

    Have a couple of events you would like to attend, in your mind, and try to prepare for them. If you want to be singing in a wedding, start rehearsing as if you were already invited to the wedding. When you eventually get an invite, please steal the show every single time, do not postpone your best.

    Give your best every single time, and make sure that next time, your best is even better. At this point, you are gaining confidence, you are increasing your consistency and control over your own voice. The affirmation from the audience is giving you trust in your own ability.

    Suddenly, you will notice that the nervousness begins to gradually fade away. I mean, at some point, you will literally notice the tension easing away until it vanishes completely. Now, you are completely in control, you are confident, your performance is sterling, you own the stage.

    Final Words

    It is at this point that you have defeated mediocrity,and you can look back and say,“Wow! I have scored like seven singing goals.” Hold up! At this point, what do you do? You set new goals and continue to score them. That analogy of using goals is compared to a soccer game.

    Have you ever seen certain footballers refuse to score goals because they were rated the best in the last tournament? There is always another goal to set, and the easiest way to defeat failure and defeat mediocrity, is to top the chart, and be ahead of the game.

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