• Musical Homonyms: The Importance of Spelling in Music

    spelling in music

    It is obvious when a word is misspelled but not as obvious when a musical element is misspelled. In this lesson, we’ll explore correct spelling in music.

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    Beyond Distance: The Second Dimension of Intervals


    Intervals are vital in the understanding of melody and harmony because they are the relationship between “two” notes – the distance between them.

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    Scale Formation: Casting Out The Devil In Music

    devil in music

    In medieval times (400AD – 1400AD), the intervals of an augmented fourth or a diminished fifth were known as “the devil in music.” Learn what happens when you cast this interval out of the major scale.

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    The Genesis Of Music

    genesis of music

    The most basic thing to learn in music is notes. But there is more to “notes” than 7 letters.

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    Relating Tonalities With Modes


    In this lesson, you’ll be learning how to create relationships with several keys using modes.

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    The Octatonic Scale: Eight Tones Per Octave

    octatonic scale

    In this lesson, we’ll study the octatonic scale, which as the prefix “octa” implies, is an 8-tone scale. We’ll also delve into examples of the octatonic scale and where it’s used.

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    The Harmonic Function of Minor Triads

    harmonic function of minor triads

    In this lesson, we’re covering the harmonic function of minor triads – in other words, what they’re used for.

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