• 3 Guidelines To The Proper Spelling Of Scales

    spelling of scales

    We’ll be looking at common errors associated with the spelling of scales give you guidelines that will ensure that you’ll always spell scales correctly.

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    Musical Homonyms: The Importance of Spelling in Music

    spelling in music

    It is obvious when a word is misspelled but not as obvious when a musical element is misspelled. In this lesson, we’ll explore correct spelling in music.

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    Beyond Distance: The Second Dimension of Intervals


    Intervals are vital in the understanding of melody and harmony because they are the relationship between “two” notes – the distance between them.

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    Scale Formation: Casting Out The Devil In Music

    devil in music

    In medieval times (400AD – 1400AD), the intervals of an augmented fourth or a diminished fifth were known as “the devil in music.” Learn what happens when you cast this interval out of the major scale.

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    The Genesis Of Music

    genesis of music

    The most basic thing to learn in music is notes. But there is more to “notes” than 7 letters.

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    Relating Tonalities With Modes


    In this lesson, you’ll be learning how to create relationships with several keys using modes.

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    The Octatonic Scale: Eight Tones Per Octave

    octatonic scale

    In this lesson, we’ll study the octatonic scale, which as the prefix “octa” implies, is an 8-tone scale. We’ll also delve into examples of the octatonic scale and where it’s used.

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