• 4-Chord Songs: How to Become A Piano Player In A Day

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    Turn on any “top 40” radio station, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll be hearing one of the many “4-chord songs” within 10 minutes. Learn why they’re so popular and how to play them.

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    From GMTC: “Jesus Is Real”

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    Here’s another weekly Gospel Music Training Center clip from Jonathan Powell. This time, he’s playing “Jesus Is Real.” To learn the same chords and patterns found in this song, check out the Gospel Music Training Center.

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    The Secret To Chord Mastery

    In my last post, I introduced the 5-part “Musician Transformation” system:

    Fundamentals Fluency, Chordal Command, Pattern Proficiency, Song Solidity, Ear Efficiency.

    We started with the first step, Fundamentals Fluency, which consists of scales, number system, finger exercises, intervals, and rhythm.

    Now, we’ll turn to chords!

    In Chordal Command, we focus on 5 key areas: Triads, Extended Chords, Inversions, Primary vs Secondary, Voicings

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    My Advice To A Student About Learning Songs

    After yesterday’s post, I received an awesome comment from Chris Johnson. I quickly replied and after re-reading our exchange, thought it appropriate to share with you.

    Chris wrote:

    Well you’ve done it again Jermaine. You know how close I am to my goals! I pretty much do all of this already but I still struggle at times and I always struggle with the bass.

    I have all of these skills under my belt except for picking out those darn bass notes…

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    The Key To Learning New Songs… QUICKLY!

    Let’s not kid ourselves.

    The whole point of learning all these theories, principles, and shortcuts isn’t because we’re in love with this stuff (well, some of us are). But for most, learning this stuff is a means to an end.

    And without a doubt, the ultimate “end” (at our website at least) is to hear a song and in a matter of minutes, be able to play it.

    There’s a lot that goes into it, don’t get me wrong. But here, I want to give you a really concise blueprint…

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    How To Play 6-2-5-1 Chord Progressions In Minutes

    In yesterday’s post, we used my new Song Robot software to learn the hit love song, “Hero.”

    If you haven’t checked out yesterday’s 30-minute video, feel free to do so now.

    Today, I want to break down some of the chords of this song as there is a common pattern present that’ll certainly be familiar to you if you’ve been with me for a while…

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    Valentine’s Day – Learn Hero In Slow Motion! (30-minute Video)

    heartSince the release of my Song Robot software, people have absolutely been going nuts over it.

    So I’ve decided to create a full 30-minute video of Song Robot walking you through the hit song, “Hero” in slow motion.

    The first part of the video shows…

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