• The “Mental” vs “Electronic” Approach to Transposition

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    In this article, learn what transposition is, the difference between mental and electronic transposition, which one is bad, and useful methods to transpose any chord, progression, or song into a new key.

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    Exposed: The Top Four Characteristics of Phat Chords

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    The term “phat chords” is a popular but unconventional nomenclature (name) for chords. Learn these eye-opening 4 characteristics of phat chords & how to transform your chords almost immediately.

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    Musician Xplosion Video Recap

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    If you’ve been following our Musician Xplosion series, you’ve had access to hours of free gospel training brought to you by 10 of the most talented west coast musicians that I know. In this post, I’m sharing each of the videos so that they are always archived here on our blog.

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    The Most Practical Way To Master All 12 Keys

    I’m often asked the best way to learn all 12 keys and while I’ve advocated many methods in the past, the most practical way is to adapt my “3 x 12” rule.

    Simply put: Take 3 songs you know and learn them in all 12 keys.

    It helps if they are songs that utilize a variety of different chords. That’s why picking 3 is important because between them, you should get a good mix of chords off every tone of the scale…

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    Another Approach To Modes & Improvisation (Advanced)

    Yesterday, we briefly introduced modes.

    We learned that although they have fancy greek names and sound all intricate, they are no more than individual scales that simply start and end on a different tone of the major scale.

    So you literally play ONE scale but you start and end on different notes of that scale, depending on the mode you want to play. It’s that simple.

    What I’ll show you now isn’t quite as simple…

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    A Quick & Easy Way To Add West Coast Flavor To Your Playing

    Over the years, we’ve brought you many west coast gospel musicians – Jonathan Powell, Jason White, Kevin Nickelson, Mike Bereal, to name a few – and without a doubt, they all share a commonality in their playing.

    Don’t get me wrong… they each have their own distinct way of doing things but there is, undoubtedly, this west coast “feel” underlying their playing.

    One simple technique that is common out here is to take a chord, pull out the middle note, and simply…

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    Ask Jermaine: “2-5-1 Of The 4… What Does That Mean?”

    We’re back with another “Ask Jermaine” session — this time, focusing on the phrase, “2-5-1 Of The 4.” This question comes from Bill in San Antonio, TX.

    “Jermaine, I’ve heard you and others talk about how important 2-5-1 progressions are and I understand all this. What I don’t get is when you say the 2-5-1 of the 4 or the 2-5-1 of the 6. What does this all mean?”

    My answer…

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