• Tritone Substitutions 101: Fifth vs Half Step Equivalence

    tritone substitutions

    In this lesson, we’ll be exploring tritone substitutions and the importance of fifth and half step equivalence.

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    Using Major Fourth Voicings For Harmonic Flexibility

    fourth voicings

    Fourth voicings are the arrangement of the notes of a chord in intervals of fourths. In this post, we are delving into fourth voicings of the major chord.

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    The Secret Link Between Dominant 7 [b9] Chords

    dominant 7

    In today’s lesson, we’ll be focusing on the dominant 7 [b9], which is one of the extended dominant chord varieties, dissecting it to reveal the secret link dominant 7 [b9] chords share.

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    Eleventh Day Of Christmas: Eleven Left Hand Voicings

    left hand voicings

    In this lesson, we’ll explore eleven rootless left hand voicings you can start applying on major, minor, dominant, and altered chords.

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    Tenth Day Of Christmas: Ten Altered Chord Voicings

    altered chord voicings

    In this lesson, we explore ten altered chord voicings using the dominant seventh chord.

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    Ninth Day Of Christmas: Nine Variations of the 2-5-1 Chord Progression

    2-5-1 chord progression

    In this lesson, we explore nine variations of the 2-5-1 progression with regular and extended altered chords.

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    Eighth Day Of Christmas: Eight Extended Dominant Chord Species

    dominant chord

    In this lesson, we’ll cover 8 extended dominant chord qualities using upper structures that you can put to work for you right away.

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