• Introduction to Cyclical Progressions

    Cyclical Progressions

    In today’s post, we’ll be learning about cyclical chord progressions. Cyclical chord progressions are among the most common and strongest chord progressions in music. Learn all about them in this lesson.

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    Playing By Ear – Learning Songs From Left To Right

    playing by ear left to right

    Playing by ear involves learning to hear the bass, the melody, and the chords. Learn the suggested process for picking out songs when playing by ear.

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    The “Minor Chord Test” To Finding The Key Of Any Song

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    In my free lessons, the first concept I cover is “Finding The Key Of A Song.” Without a doubt, it is the #1 skill needed to start playing by ear. Not the only… but one of the foundational skills because if you can’t start your song-learning process by finding the key, you’ve started on the […]

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    3 Myths About Finding The Key Of Any Song

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    When it comes to playing by ear, there is no skill more important than knowing how to find the key of a song. Here are 5 myths about finding the key and the truth about the process. It’s not as hard as you think. In fact, I encourage you to watch this free 30-minute lesson that’ll teach you exactly how to do it.

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    The Most Practical Way To Master All 12 Keys

    I’m often asked the best way to learn all 12 keys and while I’ve advocated many methods in the past, the most practical way is to adapt my “3 x 12” rule.

    Simply put: Take 3 songs you know and learn them in all 12 keys.

    It helps if they are songs that utilize a variety of different chords. That’s why picking 3 is important because between them, you should get a good mix of chords off every tone of the scale…

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    How To Transform Your Playing

    Last year, I released a breakthrough system that took what I believe to be the entire “playing by ear” process and broke it into a step-by-step system.

    It included 5 parts: Fundamental Fluency, Chordal Command, Pattern Paradise, Song Solidity, and Ear Efficiency.

    We now make every new member of the Gospel Music Training Center complete the online Musician Transformation training (9+ hours of video training, over 300+ exam questions, etc).

    In this post, I want to cover the first part of the system: Fundamentals Fluency.

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    Justin Bieber Never Say Never Piano Chords

    In this post, I figured I’d switch things up by showing you how easy it is to pick out Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never Piano Chords.

    For years, I’ve been preaching how most popular songs use extremely simple chords and the same recurring patterns over and over.

    My 4-year old daughter, Jadyn, like many other young girls is a huge fan so she pulled me to the piano and made me learn Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never chords…

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