• What Happened In 2008 Can Happen This Year

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    You’re just one decision away from making a monumental leap forward in your musicianship.

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    The Principle Of The Slingshot And How It Can Help You Grow

    principle of the slingshot

    The slingshot is a do-it-yourself weapon made of a Y-shaped handle and elastic strip. I grew up knowing the slingshot as the catapult and I’m pretty sure that there are people out there who the slingshot is known to them as catapult. Even though the slingshot and catapult are different, yet the fact that they […]

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    Smart Goals – The Secret To Next Level Growth

    smart goals for musicians

    How musicians can apply SMART goals to improve their playing and achieve incredible progress in their playing.

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    Happy New Year… Or Happy New YOU?

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    I’ve been fortunate and blessed to see 28 new years in my lifetime. And while I probably didn’t understand what was going on for the first 5, I’ve been cognizant of at least 20 of them. And so, for at least 20 years, I’ve seen how excited we get about the New Year. We make resolutions. We make goals. We make decisions to cut off or cut out things that are not good for us. We set out to lose weight, increase our productivity, make more money, reach a lifelong dream, etc. And that’s all good and fine.

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    What Golf Can Teach You About Focus

    Many of you know I’m taking golf lessons on the side and have practically fell in love with the game.

    But I just had a revelation that could help you with your focus.

    Think about the golf course for a second…

    There are 18 holes.

    You start at hole 1…

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