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    In this lesson, I’ll show you how to build your fan base as a career singer.

    It is very easy to be successful, the only problem is that you don’t have the right information available. What I want you to take very seriously is your target audience because they are the ones that should patronize your music products and services.

    The essence of this lesson is to show you how to build your fan base and make them a basic source of income. The fact is you can begin to earn early on in your career and learn how to gradually increase your earnings.

    Success in your music career comes down to your net worth. Every successful singer out there has a net worth, you can even Google it and see for yourself. So, I don’t subscribe to you spending so much to produce your work, and feeling low because you cannot get enough returns.

    There is this deception that few people make it in the industry, few people are eligible to get signed on multi-million deals, and stories of how hard it is to make it in the music industry, but I beg to differ. It is possible for you to build your music career from the beginning, and earn as early as possible.

    Ways To Build Your Fan Base

    One of the most reliable market for you is your fans. Now, how do you build your fan base?

    Social Media:

    If you have prepared your music résumé, you would have an artiste profile. Copy that information, paste it on your website, upload it to your social media handles, and begin to share it with your friends and family. Connect with people you admire, and also tap into their fan base.

    Talk to people about it, let them like your picture, videos, and music. Ask them to follow you on your social media handles. Participate in as many social media platforms as possible. Be polite to your fans, and figure out a special way to appreciate them for following you.

    Always be committed to them, and make an effort to offer them something. Keep them anticipating, go for as many event as you can, upload the pictures, upload your performances. Do not be discouraged or respond arrogantly.

    Do not feel bad when you get poor feedback from your fans. Sometimes, you can ignore those bad comments, but let it be that what is coming out from your own end is positive. No matter how much negativity is out there, don’t allow it to affect your message.

    Continue to preach the message that you are running with, continue to prove that what you have in your profile is consistent. Keep on updating information on your website, and social media promotes your profile information.

    One of the easiest ways for you to make money singing, as a career, is through digital marketing, and what is going to drive it is your fan base. So, you can tell yourself that in three months ‘I want to actively engage my fans.’

    As you do that, you can organize your information and follow it up so that it will be progressive in nature. For instance, you could decide to talk about something that will promote your music, and you keep pushing that ideology. Get people interested, get people to share your information.

    By the time you have one product in the market, you already have a hand full of people anticipating it.  If you have only 100 loyal fans willing to commit a thousand naira monthly, to your product or service, that is you making approximately a hundred thousand naira monthly.

    You and I know that you can grow it from there. There are lots of digital marketing platforms, the easiest one will be to sponsor your ad. We won’t talk about digital marketing yet, but first and foremost build the audience, build the crowd.

    It is easier to dominate social media now because one-on-one personal interaction has evolved to phone and internet interaction. But, beyond social media, when you step out, how do people around your environment perceive you?

    Don’t you know that all these people can become your loyal followers, how do you win them over?

    Be Friendly To People:

    Be courteous to people. It doesn’t cost anything to greet someone. Greet them, ask them about their wellbeing if you have the time, but most especially tell them about yourself. You have a message that you want as many people as possible to listen to, and to admire, so tell them about yourself.

    If you are the kind of person that does independent recording, talk to people around, and let them buy it from you first. Let the closest people around where you live and work, know that you are an artiste. Let them treat you as one. That means you have to be deliberate about what you do, say, and how you act.

    Your Lifestyle, Beginning From Your Dress Sense:

    The old adage of ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’ is very true, especially for career singers. What will make some people look at you, is the way you carry yourself, the way you dress. If you are a lady, I will suggest you learn how to walk, how to pose, and how to carry yourself generally.

    That alone can make you stand out from the crowd. When I am talking about dressing, it’s not about spending money, it’s about defining what you wear. You can actually wear something a little bit different from what others are wearing.

    Just do something that appeals to you. Be deliberate about how you dress. Let it be that when somebody dresses like you, people will suddenly call that outfit after you. Remember that you have to build a brand that people can believe in first.  That way, you stand out from the crowd. The idea is attract people first.

    Get Visible With Your Fans

    When you go for event, people will want to interview you on red carpet. Now, that is the kind of visibility you can build on. Red carpet pictures are a good gift for your social media fans. Try to be more visible, get people noticing you more, and try to make them know that they are important to you.

    Appreciate them lavishly online and offline. That’s you building your fan base.

    Final Words

    In our corresponding lesson, we will begin to learn how to do digital marketing, how to package your product. The beauty of your product can be lost due to poor packaging. For now, just be conscious of people around you, and win them over. Let them be your fans.

    You don’t have to change who you are, but let it be that if they are responding negatively to you, they will not receive the same feedback from you. Let your own message be consistent so that it can sink in. Try to have a grip on your emotions.

    It might look as if it’s not counting at first, but it’s like a drop of water, just keep on keeping on, and you will be surprised at how much you can achieve in a space of six months. If you give yourself a target of six months to one year of consistency, you will notice that you are already becoming an icon.

    Once you get this done, your fans will begin to grow. Let me allow you get to work.

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