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    In this lesson, I’ll be showing you how to accelerate your vocal improvement with live voice lessons.

    Do you want to improve your voice? Do you believe that there is more your voice can achieve? I mean, you are not doing badly, but you don’t want to rest on your oars. Then this lesson is for you. What you need is knowledge. What you need is the right information so that you can begin to apply them.

    Get Live Voice Lessons

    The best way for you to get this is to actually research and look for them, so I suggest right now that you get voice lessons. Yes, online is beautiful, we will continue to give you as much information as possible, but also get a live session.

    Strive to have live voice lessons so that you can interact with an instructor, and you can get to practice and be sure your application is correct. Oftentimes, when you study with a good instructor, you will improve at a significantly faster rate than when there is nobody to train you, or there is no information available for you to train yourself.

    The beautiful thing about live lessons is you expose yourself to expressing your weakness before your teacher or your fellow student. A good instructor will always patiently, skillfully, guide you towards improvement by making you apply practical solutions.

    I believe that with the right information made available to you, you can come a long way, but I am concerned about you speeding up the process especially because training on your own might turn out to last too long. Let me explain, attaining faster result does not mean taking the shortcut.

    I need to make this point crystal clear. It does not mean taking the shortcut because as a matter of fact, if you want to calculate, it feels like you spend less time at home, but lying on your bed at home to do online research and application, does not really cut it.

    Attend Live Classes

    When you are ready to make considerable progress, you will have to stand up, attend the live class, make an effort to leave your house, and sometimes it feels like this process is more demanding. At that point, it looks like it’s going to take more time,but the irony is it will not.

    Your lesson with a live instructor is always time bound. You could have a coach that can mentor you throughout your career, that is different. In the case of a voice instructor who gives you voice lessons, there is a duration, there is always a curriculum to run with.

    It is faster to take that strenuous, long, and procedural course, than take a quick fix you get every now and then, even online with your mobile device in the confines of your room. Remember to have singing goals that are specific, measurable, and time-bound.

    Plan What You Want To Achieve

    Instead of saying vague words like I need my voice to sing better, make measurable plans about what you want your voice to be able to achieve, such as,‘I want to improve my diction and ability to sing for long hours without feeling stressed out vocally.’

    You could even set a target like,‘the skill above will enable me to exceed my two-hour benchmark, and next time I have a wedding gig, I am going to sing for three hours without strain or vocal fatigue.’If you want to be able increase your vocal staying power, to sing longer, there are lots of information.

    There are lessons all over the place, but if you want to facilitate it, if you want to accelerate your ability to learn and acquire that skill, live lessons are your best bet. Furthermore, you acquire this simply by facilitating a regular lesson with a live instructor that you can interact with.

    Your progress should accelerate with considerable pace because you are focusing directly on vocal development. Your class schedule could be daily or weekly, but at least the interval is regular. I want to point your attention towards what qualifies the vocal lessons, and the knowledge that are accessible to you.

    What Qualifies Your Knowledge In Voice Lessons

    Frequent Practice

    What qualifies you is your ability to practice time and time again, such that it becomes a habit, your character, and even your personality, which you display without thinking. Of course, there is need for reinforcement so that learning can take place. You can build it further, you can read up, you can Google.

    Although, I must tell you that in this information age, not all information is applicable. Some are not well researched, so be careful with that. There is only one way to find out, to qualify, the fact that you have learned. The proof is in the pudding. What can you do?

    What you know or read, is incomplete if you cannot prove it with resultant action. Lesson has to be reinforced before it can stick, and for a singer, lesson is not restricted to knowledge. The lesson is always going to bring you to practice what you know.

    Practice so much that you can even improve and be able to recommend a better knowledge approach. I want you to start thinking beyond being good, to actually discovering a better way, an approach that others can even imbibe.

    I have witnessed time and time again, miracles happen when people continuously practice and engage in an activity. It becomes phenomenal, it keeps getting better and easier each day, so my message is, seek live vocal instruction that is time bound and effective, to avoid procrastination.

    Enroll For Classes

    You should enroll for classes for a particular period in the year, so that when you are scoring your achievements for that year, you can make bold to say that you made progress as a singer. If you just sit back and accumulate information and not real-life lesson, you will be more often tempted to postpone application.

    You feel you have all the time. At home, there is always an urgent call that will take your attention, so get to work, make that progress.

    Final Words

    Accelerate your vocal prowess and improvement with lessons that are accurate, time bound, and properly structured to suit you.

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    Hello, I'm Chuku Onyemachi (aka - "Dr. Pokey") - a musicologist, pianist, author, clinician and Nigerian. Inspired by my role model Jermaine Griggs, I started teaching musicians in my neighborhood in April 2005. Today, I'm privileged to work as a music consultant and content creator with HearandPlay Music Group sharing my wealth of knowledge with thousands of musicians across the world.


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