• A Beginner’s Guide To Reading Sheet Music (and Sight-Reading!)

    reading sheet music

    In this lesson, you’ll learn the basics of reading sheet music and how to start sight reading (the ability to play music you haven’t seen before).

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    2-5-1 Progression: “A & B” Voicing Technique vs Skeleton Voicings

    Thumbnail image for 2-5-1 Progression: “A & B” Voicing Technique vs Skeleton Voicings

    In today’s lesson, we’ll be covering how play the famous 2-5-1 progression with A & B skeleton voicings.

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    Musical Homonyms: The Importance of Spelling in Music

    spelling in music

    It is obvious when a word is misspelled but not as obvious when a musical element is misspelled. In this lesson, we’ll explore correct spelling in music.

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    “Part-Over-Root” Voicings Of The Major Seventh Chord In All 12 Keys

    major seventh chord

    Let’s explore a quick and easy way to voice the major seventh chord in all 12 keys using the “part-over-root” voicing technique.

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    A Mental Trip Through Space


    In this post, we’re learning what a mental trip through space can teach us about ourselves.

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    Beyond Distance: The Second Dimension of Intervals


    Intervals are vital in the understanding of melody and harmony because they are the relationship between “two” notes – the distance between them.

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    The Minor 2-5-1 Chord Progression vs the 7-3-6 Chord Progression

    7-3-6 Chord Progression

    Today, we’ll be considering the relationship between the minor 2-5-1 progression and the 7-3-6 chord progression

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    Free Video: How to Find the Key of Any Song