For All Aspiring Gospel Organists:

"Finally! A step-by-step way to quickly and easily master praise & devotional songs, worship chords, and shouting music... ALL on the organ!"


Warning: Learning the organ requires the ability to master what I call the "third element." If you can seamlessly add this third element and shift your thinking slightly, then you can become a powerhouse on the organ in no time.

Read on to learn
the same techniques, tips, and tricks only used by the professionals... until now!




From: Jermaine A. Griggs

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Dear Gospel Musician,

If you're like most gospel musicians trying to learn the organ, you might be thinking that it's as simple as transferring the same chords and concepts that you know on the piano. Right?

Well, not exactly.

While the concepts of chords and progressions remain the same, how to play and connect between chords and progressions is totally different on the organ.

In fact, I had to learn this the hard way. I thought I could just take all the same chords and voicings I'd play on the piano and transfer them to the organ but for some reason, my chords on the organ would never sound as full as the next musician.

I didn't know how to "think" like an organist. Things that would have been so easy for me to pick up (like finding the right chord inversions, "sliding" my fingers instead of lifting, playing abbreviated chords on my left with extended voicings on my right), I just didn't know because I didn't have an experienced organist to share with me the "ins" and "outs"--- the "do's" and "don'ts."

Fast forward several years later and now I'm playing the piano and organ (...even fiddling around with some guitar) because I was able to skip all the years of mistakes that come with learning a new instrument.


Music Success Secret: "When it comes to learning something new, never repeat the mistakes others have experienced if you can help it. Learn from those who have been where you are and are currently where you want to be."


This is referred to as "cutting down the learning curve." Why sit for days and weeks trying to pick out chords and voicings when someone has already done this and is available to teach them to you, step-by-step?

That is why I've created this organ resource --- to make sure that you can cut down your learning curve and start playing praise songs, worship tunes, and congregational music on the organ in no time (...of course with practice and dedication).


Who Should Be Reading This Page?

* Anyone who plays the organ or wants to make the transition from piano to organ...
* Musicians who struggle to keep up with modern ways to play praise and devotional songs...
* Musicians who seek to "contemporize" the way they play gospel music...
* Musicians who "think" they know all there is to know on the organ. This isn't for the pure beginner. The chords get complex.
* Any musician desiring to learn more gospel voicings on the organ!
* Musicians committed to lifelong learning, no matter what style of music or instrument.

If you can relate to any of the statements above, then I encourage you to continue to read this page. There are tons of video demonstrations and useful information below.


Just before we delve into what you'll learn, let me tell you a little bit about myself (host / co-instructor) and Kevin Nickelson (organist / instructor).


    Kevin Nickelson is an organist-extraordinaire on the west coast. He has been a Minister of Music for over 25 years and has played for the "Who's Who" in gospel music. From Kurt Carr, Judith McAllister, and Beverly Crawford to Douglas Miller, Juanita Bynum, and others, he's had the privilege to travel around the world accompanying various gospel artists and groups.

    I am the founder of and have taught thousands of people how to play the piano by ear:

>>> Over 51,275 people from over 53 Countries have already relied on me to teach them how to play the piano through my various paid courses. Many of them have since gone on to play in bands, churches, special events and more (as shown in their Testimonials)!

>>> I currently serve more than 202,364 online subscribers and supply over 1,500,000 visitors (that's ONE AND HALF MILLION PEOPLE) per year with my online piano lessons, newsletters, and more!

>>> Thousands of them now play the piano for their churches, special events (weddings, celebrations, ceremonies, parties ... and the list goes on) and even assist in directing the choir. These secrets will open up unimaginable doors!  .... believe me, I use them myself!


Simply put... with the two of us combined, you're destined to receive the techniques, concepts, tips and tricks you need to succeed on the organ!


 Learn, step-by-step, how to  quickly and easily play praise and worship music on the organ at your own pace...


  • How to play uptempo praise songs using my award-winning 5-step process and tons of bass lines, right-hand chordal movements, "runs," "licks," and more!

  • to incorporate the "third element" into your playing to produce the sound of a full band, especially if you're the only musician!

  • Discover the secrets to playing hundreds of "call-and-response" hand-clapping praise songs in all 12 keys just by knowing a few well-known organ patterns!

  • Learn how to play common progressions and turnarounds like the "1-4," "7-3-6," "6-2-5-1," and how to apply them to your favorite congregational songs like "Bless that Wonderful Name of Jesus," "God is a Good God," and more!

  • An "over-the-shoulder" and "behind-the-foot" look at how to combine the power of the foot pedal, left hand, and right hand and what it takes to play all three of these components in sync.

  • Over 40 bass runs, chords, progressions, and fill-ins to apply to your organ playing right away! After learning these things in all 12 keys, you'll instantly have over 480 chords to add to your gospel playing toolbox.


 Never "guess" on the organ again! Model after someone who's "been there" and "done that!"


  • Discover the simple secrets to effectively using the drawbars, percussions, and settings to obtain the contemporary sound that you desire.

  • Learn the proper techniques to playing the bass pedals cleanly and smoothly. If you're not familiar with the "toe-heel" technique to double the speed of your bass-walking, then you're missing out!

  • How to get away with playing advanced "phat" chords (...that are normally used for worship) during high tempo praise songs. The combination of these contemporary chords during a fast praise song is explosive!

  • Learn the way of the west coast and how to contemporize your praise & devotional songs using "west coast" chords, movements, and runs!

  • The secrets behind one-note pivots and how just a few little changes to the way you play chords can totally transform your sound on the organ. Remember: The way you approach the organ is not the same as the piano.

  • Several left-hand/right-hand combinations that can be used interchangeably to create dozens of chordal variations. For example, you can use the left-hand chord from set #1 with the right-hand chord or fill-in from set #3. You'll learn a variety of sets and various things to do on both hands.

  • How to master 8-note bass lines (traditional) and even modern 16-note connecting bass runs (...this has never been taught before)! This is one of those things you pull out of your bag of tricks after you've repeated a praise song several times.

  • Learn how to power up your left hand by forming a variation of the chord you're right hand is playing. This strategy alone will make your praise songs differ from the next musician tremendously.


 Take your gospel praise songs to the next level on the organ. I have a step-by-step way for you to do it...


  • Discover 3 ways to syncopate the rhythms of your praise songs and how to provide multiplicity to the way you play them! Playing by ear means having options so you never have to play anything the same way twice!

  • How to borrow chords from your praise song to accompany (...back up) a preacher during high points in the sermon! Believe it or not... preacher accompaniment follows the same exact patterns as praise songs (just slowed down).

  • Chromatic "chord-sliding" techniques that can be integrated with any praise song ending to provide variety during long repetitive vamps.

  • The use of tritones and how they are the heart & soul of organ praise song mastery! I've never met a professional organist who could play a full song without utilizing tritones --- they're that important and you'll get several examples of how to use them.

  • Slow motion break-downs of advanced fill-ins and right-hand chordal movements so that you never miss a single beat!

  • How to include 7ths, 9ths, 11ths, 13ths, and several altered chords to spice up the sound of your praise songs!

  • How to apply the same 5-part praise song process taught in GospelKeys 300 to the organ. This concept, alone, has allowed musicians to play hundreds of praise songs on the piano. Now you'll have what it takes to play these "A-B" and "A-B-C-D" songs on the organ!

GospelKeys Organ 350 (described above) will show you everything you need to know to start playing praise songs by ear on the organ. Now, we'll turn to GospelKeys Organ 450, which focuses on worship chords and voicings.

 I promise you've never formed organ chord voicings like this before! We're spilling all the beans in this worship course...

  • Discover the secrets to playing worship music by learning chords and voicings for every tone of the diatonic scale. Once mastered, you'll be able to seamlessly connect multiple advanced worship chords together to play full-sounding songs.

  • How to play monster chords and how to voice and invert them in non-conventional ways!

  • major, minor, dominant, diminished, sevenths, ninths, elevenths, thirteenths, and altered voicings from every scale degree, even tones that are not a part of the scale (transitional chords).

  • How to pick the best inversion of a chord based on your melody and how to use your left hand and bass pedal to support what your right hand is playing.

  • The power of polychords: How two separate smaller chords can creatively come together to form larger "fancy" chords.

  • Tons of "opening" and "closing" chords to pull out of your treasure chest at the right time! With your increased chordal vocabulary, you'll never begin and end a song on the organ the same way twice because you'll have dozens of options to choose from.


 Not a "show off" course! You'll be "taught" exactly how worship chords work...


  • Learn the same exact chord patterns that are used in some of the most popular worship songs today! Songs like "Lord You Are Awesome," "I Need You," "Like the Dew," "Lord I Lift Your Name On High," and more!

  • Fancy dual-note movements to add to your 1-chords! These are the same movements you hear the pros using on some of the most popular gospel albums out there!

  • Beginner's beware: This certainly isn't a course for someone who is struggling through our basic dvds because we introduce tons of advanced chords that'll have you sounding just like the professionals (...the 'practicing' part is up to you)!!!

  • How to provide instant "phatness" to common chords by using basic triads on the right hand. What most musicians don't understand is that "triads" (3-fingered chords) aren't basic unless you use them by themselves! But if you know the secrets to embellishing your chords, you'll never sound dull again!

  • How to acquire the "west coast" worship feel by using lead-in tones, grace notes, transitional chords, and modified open & closed voicings on the organ!

  • Learn to use quartal chords in key areas to enhance the sound of your voicings!


 There's more!

  • The key to building up your left hand independence! Hint: One major hindrance to getting to the next level is the underdevelopment of the left hand! Once you can successfully mimic exactly what your right hand is doing (...but all on your left hand), you've arrived!

  • How to mix "churchy" dominant chords into your worship chord progressions to instantly change up the mood!

  • How to apply my famous "couples" principle to the organ, using dozens of chords from all seven unique tones of the major scale.

  • Enjoy studying over 50 worship chords (which translates into hundreds of voicings and inversions) , and how to apply them in real-life situations!

  • Put it all together by spicing up old favorites like "What a Friend We Have in  Jesus," "Jesus Loves Me," "As the Deer," and more!

  • An up-close look at how to approach chord progressions differently and how to think creatively when it comes to combining different chords from various scale tones. Songs are built on recurring patterns within the scale tones --- so if you can master this concept, you can learn any worship song out there!

  • Learn how to apply my "3-4" principle to the organ and how to predict what chords will come next by using my simple mathematical model to count up and down the scale.

  • And much more!


Here are some sample video demonstrations from each course...


Introducing The Most Comprehensive Gospel Organ Training Package On The Internet...

 GospelKeys 350 "Praise and Devotional Songs"  2-hour dvd course is for any spiritual musician ready to take their organ playing to the next level! Step-by-step, you'll explore:

Bass lines, alternative walks, left-hand comping, right-hand fill-ins and movements, turnarounds, short-styled praise songs, long-styled praise songs, vamps, final endings, and more! By the end of the course, you'll be playing full praise and devotional songs like "Bless that Wonderful Name of Jesus," "This Little Light of Mine," "Have You Tried Jesus," and dozens more! More info


Plus, the next 250 customers will receive: Organ 350 "Praise Songs" Bonus 86-pg reference pamphlet!
Shipped physically with package - ($30 value).

This convenient guide will give you close-up snapshots of every chord and movement taught in the course.

Never rewind again... Use your reference pamphlet to follow along, chord-by-chord! Only for the next 250 customers to order. No exceptions.

GospelKeys 450 "Advanced Worship Chords & Voicings"  2-hour dvd course is for any spiritual musician ready to explore tons of two-handed, fancy worship chords! Step-by-step, you'll explore:

Extended voicings, polychords, inversions, two-hand combinations, worship movements, chords for every tone of the scale, passing tones, transitional chords, "couples," real-life examples, modernized hymns, and more! By the end of this course, you'll have a fresh perspective on playing worship organ by ear forever!  More info


Plus, the next 250 customers will receive *three* special bonuses (...worth $90.00): Organ 450 "Worship Chords" Bonus 40-pg reference pamphlet! Shipped physically with package - ($30 value).

You'll never miss one single beat with this chord guide. Flip through pages as you watch the dvd, taking notes next to the enlarged organ displays (...which shows you exactly what's being played, note-for-note)!

 Only for the next 250 customers to order. No exceptions. Organ "Shouting Music" Bonus 30-minute mini-course!
Shipped physically with package - ($34.95 value).

That's right. I'm throwing in a third dvd to the GospelKeys 450 series! That's an additional 30 minutes of hand-clapping, foot-stomping shouting music!

I'm talking about fast uptempo bass runs, right-hand chords, left hand rhythmic patterns, famous "blues scale" runs, and more!


Also on the bonus disc #3 ($24.95 value):

Bonus mini-tutorial on how to operate the organ drawbars, settings, percussions, and more!

The organ has literally thousands of sounds and you'll learn the basics on how to manipulate it to produce the mood you desire!


Only for the next 250 customers to order. No exceptions.


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"OK. I'm going to make this really good for you..."

       If you're truly serious about taking your organ playing to the next level (...updating your chord voicings, finding newer progressions to play, incorporating the bass pedal, adding fancy organ movements, learning from scratch, etc...), then you'll definitely want to be one of the next 250 musicians to take me up on this incredible offer.       

       In fact, you will love this offer because not only am I dropping the price of this package a considerable amount, but if you order today, I'm throwing in all the bonuses above which means you'll get an 86-pg comprehensive workbook with the Organ 350 dvd, a 40-pg workbook with the Organ 450 dvd, plus the bonus disc on shouting music and drawbar settings. That's $119.90 in value... but that's not all...

       You'll also get the additional 3 Monthly Music MentorTM courses valued at $79.95. So you're not only getting 4+ hours of step-by-step dvd footage on playing gospel organ but an additional 4.5 hours of audio training in free bonuses. Then there's the ongoing support of the program --- what else could you possibly ask for?

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Even though the price of this package is extremely affordable (about the cost of two or three tickets to Disneyland these days), here's what's really important. If this organ series was just another set of useless courses that just sat in your bookshelf and didn't teach you anything new, it wouldn't matter what the price was. IT WOULDN'T BE WORTH ONE PENNY.


I don't release many courses. But when I do, I want to make sure that you're getting back in information and helpful resources & tools at least two to three times what you invest. That is always my goal and  I sincerely believe this is one of the best values you'll ever come across.


Jermaine Griggs, President


If you can learn just 30 to 40 new organ patterns, chords, bass lines, tricks, fill-ins,  "runs," and even songs, what is that actually worth to you? If you'll finally be able to play contemporary organ music for your church like you've been desiring to, what are these courses worth to you?

What is it worth to you to learn from the best of the best? (... One who has played for people like Kurt Carr, Judith McAllister, Beverly Crawford, Douglas Miller, Juanita Bynum, and more).

I can't put an exact dollar figure on it for you --- only you can do that. But I can tell you this: at 3 monthly payments of $39, this comprehensive package could very possibly be the best bargain and the best investment you'll ever make in your organ growth!

Click here if you're ready to take your organ playing to an all new level.


Your "Nothing to Lose And
Everything To Gain" Guarantee

  Listen to my personal guarantee

If, for any reason in the next 365 days, you don't agree this incredible program is worth every penny, simply return it (and keep the free bonuses as a gift). You will receive every single dime of your money back minus the shipping costs. You won't be sold another product. You won't be asked any questions. It's as simple as that.

My accountant thought I was crazy to even offer ANY type of return policy or guarantee on a dvd or audio course because of the many ways people could cheat us... let alone a full 365-day year guarantee. However, I believe in my programs,  and I believe in my students so much that I am willing to allow you to test drive it on me. Heck, I'm even willing to take on even more risk by letting you break up your payments into multiple months.

So not only do you get the flexible payment plan, but you have a full year to decide whether this course is for you. At 3 monthly payments of $39, you are losing absolutely nothing and the risk is all on me. What else can I say?

Jermaine Griggs -- President &

BBBOnLine Reliability Seal

* is a member of the Better Business Bureau

To view this guarantee in a pop-up window that you
print out for your records, click here.


If you fit any of these situations below, then you need these training courses:

     Are you honestly left behind times (... and don't want to be)?
     Do you want to pep up your gospel organ playing (or perhaps get started on the organ)?
     Do you strive to play newer worship music but still can't mimic that sound?
     Do you need some "fancy" runs and "fill-ins" for your praise and worship music?
     Do you want to play organ for your church in a contemporary way?
     Do you like what you see and hear on this page above and want to add this style to your playing?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above and are serious about learning to play the organ by ear, here are five easy ways to order:

1) Click here to order my course online with our secure server (We accept all four major credit cards and deliver to all Countries).

2) Call toll free at 1-877-856-4187 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and mention "offer GK Organ" to get the special offer price with the free bonuses mentioned above.

* Overseas Customers please call 1-949-206-9591 (mention the same offer number)!

3) Click here to print out an order form to mail or fax your order.

4) Click here to have us call you for your ordering information.

5) If you have a Paypal Account, you may click here to send us a payment. Our order form is now configured to accept paypal orders!

REMEMBER: The next 250 to order will be guaranteed to receive the bonus chord pamphlets (120 pages total between both courses) and the "Shouting Music" /  "Drawbar Settings" mini-tutorials bonus dvd! If you order the entire series in time, you'll be receiving 5 dvds and 2 pamphlets.


Your package is shipped via USPS Priority Mail. You will receive the GospelKeys Organ Series in a week or so (depending on the shipping options available) and you can get started learning praise, devotional, and worship music on the organ the very same day you receive it. You can literally be on your way to playing for your church service (or improving your current skills) in a couple of weeks!

I look forward to receiving your success story very soon.


Jermaine Griggs, President

P.S. Don't forget --- I am including tons of bonuses (totaling over $198) and special pricing on the set. I honestly don't know how long this will last.

All I can say is if you're serious about playing gospel music on the organ, you'll want to take advantage of this special offer while you can. Otherwise, you might be one of those individuals who pay over $200.00 or $300.00 --- or even worse, you may not be able to take advantage of this special AT ALL if you're late.

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